Pet Preform mould

SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

offer PET ,PE blowing bottle mould,PET ,PE blowing bottle mold,PET ,PE blowing bottle mould manufactures in China.


PET preform mould manufacturer---World Famous PET preform molding expert---SINOPK


SINO PK is a reliable jar lid mold provider & famous jar lid mould company, professinal jar lid mold manufacturer in China. Meanwhile,SINO PK is one of the most famous Chinese jar lid mould supplier.

SINO PK has engaged in high quality jar lid mould manufacturing over 20 years, has very rich experience.
Below photo is one of our jar lid mould:

SINO PK is not only the chinese famous jar lid mouls supplier, but also the professional jar lid mold manufacturer  in China. As its high quality jar mould and considerate service, SINO PK has became a reliable jar lid mould provider in China. More and more customer choose SINO PK jar lid mould company as a longterm cooperation company in China.

If you are interested in jar lid mould, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to hear form you soon.

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DAKUMAR PET plastic injection molding machine

SINO PET preform mold,PET preform mould

Good PET preform mold run in a perfect working preformance PET plastic inejection molding machine could help you to produce high quality PET preform product.

DAKUMAR PET injection molding machine according to the PET material property and the molding requirements , we designed the machine special for the application.Its mature desifn satisfied all of the customer in PET molding production.

1. Big diameter screw design and  L/D ratio

2. High plasticization capacity

3. Extended machine framework, enlarged space between  tie bars,mold opening stroke, mold thickness, and ejection stroke

4. Specialized screw set for PET+FB or slice PET are on request as option

5. Four or above stages precise temperature PID control for barrel

6. Spring nozzle for the machine below 650T, hydraulic nozzle for 650T, meeting customers' special requirements by effectively avoiding overflow

7. Dehumidifying dryer selected for PET resin's special demands of removing moisture

8. Suitable for both varied pump and standard pump




PET preform injection mould,PET preform mold










Post by Jessie

PET injection molding machine for manufacturing PET preform product

Chinese PET injection machine maker,PET preform mold manufacturer,Chinese PET injection molding machine company,professional PET preform mould provider in China





Tamper-evident plastic closure is widely used in current plastic bottle packing market, especially in the drink bottle packing. We could divide the tamper-evident plastic closure into carbonated soft drink closure and non-carbonated soft drink closure. Main plastic material of tamper-evident plastic closure is PP (polypropylene), through injection way and heat pressing forming technology to get the final product.Tamper-evident plastic closure should be convenient for customer to open and also need to avoid leakage problem due to the poor sealing performance. Therefore, reasonable way to test the tamper-evident plastic closure comes up to the keystone in the production process.


Standard testing method introduction:

Through checking the closure opening torque force, thermal stability, and drop-resistant performance could help us to estimate the tamper-evident plastic closure quality.

Among above methods, sealing performance and opening torque force is the most efficient way to test the tamper-evident plastic closure sealing performance.


For carbonated soft drink closure, put the bottle under the water, bring the pressure up to 690kPa and keep the bottle under this pressure in the water for 1 minute, and check the closure gas leakage condition. And then, add the pressure to 1207kPa, keep this pressure for 1 minute, and check the tamper-evident plastic closure happen disengaging or not.


For non-carbonated soft drink closure, first to peel off the tamper-evident band and use rated torque force which is not less than 1.2NM to close the closure tightly. Then put the bottle under the water lasting for 1 minute, at the same time bring the pressure up to 200kPa. At this moment, check whether the temper-evident plastic closure happen gas leakage and disengaging.


Tamper-evident plastic closure sealing performance is the mainly factor affect the product deterioration. By reasonable control to the tamper-evident plastic closure sealing performance could we guarantee the bottle cap good opening performance and the same time avoid leakage happening.

How to test the tamper-evident plastic closure sealing performance?

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Why PET bottle recycling should be without cap?

People always threw away the PET bottle with cap, but less people knows it is very dangerous in the PET bottle recycling process. This is not because the bottle cap can not be reclaimed, the reason is the bottle raw material and cap material is different. The bottle is made of  PET(polyethylene terephthalate), and the cap is made of PP (Polypropylene) ,PE (Polyethylen). When these two kinds product be reclaimed together, it just like one material polluted another material and at the same time reduce the recycling material using value.

The other very important factor is when the PET bottle with cap be process in the recycling center, cap will probably block the machine.Generally, the PET bottle will be squashed and packed during the transportation. If the PET bottle was fixed tightly with cap and there is also some air in the bottle, so when the process center melting temperature goes up, the PET bottle will explode and hurt the recycling center working staff.    

Therefore, it is our responsibility to separate the PET bottle from the bottle cap before the PET bottle recycling. 

PET bottle recycle,recycle PET bottle,plastic PET bottle recycle


Solution for moist container inner environment

----------------------------------------------------------------------EVER DRY DESICCANT CO., LTD

As we know, shipping container is a rather sealing internal environment. In the daytime, the temperature of the inner container could reach 40℃—70℃, humidity could come to the point of 65%.

When the sun goes down, owing to the big temperature difference, extra moist will solidify to globules attach to the inner container wall and goods package appearance, this is so called “Container Mist” which will cause the goods in the container to be moist, moldy and rusty.


Below are the potential factors causing “Container Mist”:

A: The vessel stays in an area which is of much damp for a long time.

B: The goods are being packed in carton, wooden case which contains much moisture.

C: The moisture content of goods itself is high, which will release water to increase the container internal humidity.

-Why the goods will get moldy?


  • Condition of goods to be moldy
  • Humidity level: The moulds can grow when the RH (relative humidity) of the internal container is greater than 60%. When the RH is over 65%, it will speed up the moulds growth. And if the RH comes to 80%-95%, now the container internal environment becomes the paradise for the moulds multiplies.
  • Temperature: moulds mycelium can grow when the environment only reach 8 degree. When reach 12 degree, will speed up the growth. If the temperature is over 10 degree, humidity is greater than 60%, now the moulds will damage the goods in the container. The worst thing is when the temperature comes to the 20℃,-35℃, humidity reaches 75%-95%, and then the moulds growth will be out of control.

-Moulds harms

According to the data published in 1989, the goods suffered from the moulds and oxide etch have caused great harm and its economy damage occupy 3%-4% of the gross product in worldwide. USA: USD70 billion, UK: USD1.6 billion, Japan: USD11billion, West Germany: 19billion Mark, China: RMB 30billion. So you could see the great influence.

-Measures for “Container Mist ” and moulds proofing

EVER DRY DESICCANTCO., LTD has engaged in researching the most professional desiccant for shipping container for many years. Now the published EVER DRY desiccant moisture pickup could reach more than 220%, moreover without volatilization and leakiness. EVER DRY desiccant could guarantee your goods reach the destination safely.


Choosing EVER DRY, your goods would be superior cared!

Solution for moist container inner environment,solve moist container inner environment



SINO PK is the biggest Chinese 48 cavities PET preform mould maker,also the most famous 48 cavities PET preform mold maker in China.We are one of the most reliable 48 cavities PET preform mold supplier and professional 48 cavities PET preform mold manufacturer in China.

Chinese 48 cavities PET preform mould maker,48 cavities PET preform mold manufacturer  i  ini in

SINO PK has engaged in researching and delveloping PET preform mould manufacturing technology for decades.

In the past ten yearts, SINO PK has successfully researched and exported  32 cavities PET preform mould,36 cavities PET preform mould,48 cavities PET preform mould,68 cavities PET preform mould, 72 cavities PET preform mould, 96 cavities PET preform mould ,120 cavities PET preform mould etc. to our customer. and all the PET preform mould are run very well at the customer's factory. Meanwhile, our continuous effort  help SINO PK  gained our customer's deep trust.

 Below is one of SINO PK PET preform mould products .

Let me introduce our 48 cavities PET prefrom mould specification to you:

  •   48 cavities  PET preform mould cavity steel

Stavax S420 stainless steel ,tempered with HRC 50+/-2


  •   48 cavities  PET preform mould core steel

Stavax S420 stainless steel ,tempered with HRC 50+/-2


  •    48 cavities  PET preform mould neck screw steel

DIN 1.2083,with tempered HRC 45


  •    48 cavities  PET preform mould spare parts steel

Mould speare parts use DIN 1.2344 dimension measure up to D-M-E standard


  • 48 cavities  PET preform mould hot vavle gate

Hot manifold use DIN 1.2344 made in Thyssen Krupp German, with Anole-heat brand,original is German.

Hot nozzle are copper-Zn with HRC 37 to HRC 41

Heating elements use temperature controlling with each heating area separated controlled


  • 48 cavities  PET preform mould  design

All the moving area was insert with durable parts which is interchaneable

2D drawing assembling drawing and part drawing available with shipment


  • 48 cavities  PET preform mould tooling spec.

Cooling system optimal cooling design and all the cooling system are Nickel plated

Ejection system auotomatic ejection system, Knock our bu machine and ejector return by machine


  • Polishing precision polishing until the core and cavity like the mirro


   If you are interested in SINO PK PET preform mould, welcome to contact us!

   We could offer you more detail information abour PET preform mould in SINO PK.                                                                                                           

   We are looking forward to work with you  to create a better future together.


    Contact person: Ms.Jessie

Chinese 48 cavities PET preform mould maker

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