Pet Preform mould

SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

offer PET ,PE blowing bottle mould,PET ,PE blowing bottle mold,PET ,PE blowing bottle mould manufactures in China.


PET preform mould manufacturer---World Famous PET preform molding expert---SINOPK


SINO MOULD is the professional syringe manufacturer China and injector making supplier.Regarding syringe producing line,there are certain equipments you need.
1. syringe producing line injection machine:High Speed Injection Machine can shorten the cycle time,largely improve the efficiency.
2. syringe producing line auto loader
3. syringe producing line dryer
4. syringe producing line plunger mould
5. syringe producing line barrel mould
6. syringe producing line gasket mould
Jf you are considering starting the Syringe manufacturing line,just come to us and you will not only get the finished product but a a whole package service!
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SINO PK could offer you high quality acrylic PMMA cup mould, we have very rich acrylic PMMA cup mould manufacturing experiences.We have many high precison tooling machine and professional size measuring device to control the acrylic PMMA cup mould quality.

 Acrylic PMMA cup is popular in current world market because its appearance is very similar to galss cup. But the difference is that the acrylic PMMA cup is unbreakable. Acrylic PMMA cup mould also became needed in the china injection mould market. SINO PK has made several acrylic PMMA cup mould for our customer last years, we delivered the acrylic PMMA cup mould within 1 moths. And the acrylic PMMA cup mould performance is very good.  Blow are some  acrylic PMMA cup mould product from our company:

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SINO PK as the most reputable creamer cap mould manufacturer,has very strong manufacturing facility to offer our customer perfect creamer cap molding production line.

Majority cap mould techinical people in SINO PK have engaged in various cap mould manufacturing over 5-8 years, they have very rich cap mould technology. Meanwhile, these cap mould techinical people are very familiar with different cap mould structure, could manufacture most durable creamer cap mould for our customer.
Meanwhile, all creamer cap mold will use professional size measuring device to check the tooling precision. If the size do not reach our requirement, we will return the creamer cap mold back until the size is ok.

In order to improve our creamer cap molding facility, SINO PK invested large amount funds into high precision tooling machine purchasing. Such as Mazark boring machine from Japan, Sodick wire cutting machine, Sodick EDM, Fidia 3 axis/5 axis high speed CNC machine etc. Meanwhile, SINO PK purchased about ten sets DAKUMAR injection molding machine which is the chinese injection molding machine leader to control the mould testing quality in our own factory.
We sincerely welcome your down visiting to our SINO PK factory, we will convice you of our strong manufacturing ability and distinctive managing mode.


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Green light-weight preform mould is very popular in current packing market,it is not only could help customer reduce material cost, but also reduce environmental pollution.

Green light-weight preform mold, as the name implies , is the weight of the original bottle , obtained an environmentally by reducing the amount of plastic weight of PET preform and bottle .

Special requirement for green light-weight preform mold

Green light-weight preform mould
PET perform product, the most important thing is PET preform AA (acetaldehyde) values ​​. High AA values ​​not only affect the taste, but also harmful to our health. Typically, the requirements of the PET preform IV (viscosity) drop should be less than 8ppm. The lightest PET perform we have made PET perform mould before is 7 gram, and mould cavity number is 48 cavities.

With the current packing market develop trend,green light-weight preform moldis become more and more popular.
The appearance of green light-weight PET perform is the same as standard PET perform. Maybe thus green light-weight PET perform will occupy the half of the world packing market. It is also a big opportunity for green light-weight PET perform mould market.

SINO-PK has engaged in PET preform mould and other packing mould manufacturer for over ten years, is the most famous China Mould Manufacturer. We are very familiar with the PET preform mould technology. Now, the PET preform mould in our company could ship to our customer just after the first mould test. The PET preform mould delivery time is very fast .
If you have plan to start production in this packing market, we could offer you a best solution, just send e-mail to us or call us on +86-576-81107160.



Sino Packaging Mould Co.,Ltd is specialized in various packaging moulds. Flip Top Cap Mould is one of them.We are the professional Chinese flip top cap maker and Chinese flip top cap seller.
Flip Top Cap Mould
1:We use Stavax S420 stainless steel,tempered with HRC55+/-2 with maximum mould life.
2:Germany hot runner system without plastic waste.
3:Minimum mould size without compromising the mould life and strength.
4:Various shape design and size for your special demand.
Any questions and comments are welcomed !

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SINO PK is the interchangable preform mould expert in China, specialized in making different standards interchangable preform mould. Meanwhile, SINO PK interchangable preform mould is of stable running performance and high quality molding preform product.

We could offer you different standards interchangable preform mould service, detail please check below information.
If customer need to produce two preform which is the same neck size, but in different weight. But customer do not want to make two preform mould. In this case,  customer may ask whether they could make an interchangable preform mould. We just need to make one more mould core insert, so customer could produce 16g 28mm preform using orginal mould core.
And if he need 24g 28mm preform product, customer just need to change the preform mould core to produce needed preform.
In other words, we make one preform mould cavity and two preform mould core, the two mould core diameter is different. The other parts specification is similar. Customer could use this interchangable preform mould to produce a serious product.
Notice: two standards preform neck size must be the same, and the weight difference should be obvious, like weight difference is over 5g.8g etc.


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2012 USA NPE International Plastics Showcase

The International Plastics Showcase
April 1 – 5, 2012 · Orange County Convention Center · Orlando, Florida USA
Exposition Dates: April 2 – 5, 2012

As the leader of injection mould manufacturer from China, SINO MOULD will attend the 2012 NPE in USA.
We would like to take this opportunity to communicate with all the world excellent companies, also let more people to know SINO MOULD.  
SINO MOULD welcome your down visiting.


SINO PK is a world famous  Nestle coffee can lid mould manufacturer in China.We could offer high quality Nestle coffee can lid mould to you, our Nestle coffee can lid mould size is very accurate and could assembly with the can very good.

Nestle coffee can lid mould general information:
Nestle coffee can lid mould  steel: S420 STAVAX
Guaranteed mould life: 1M mould shots
Ejector system: angle ejector pin (mechanical ejection )
Nestle coffee can lid mould finishing: mirror polishing, texture,logo

SINO PK has four design department who are all of rich Nestle coffee can lid mould design experiences, could design the best durable mould structure. Also could design just according to customer's imaging for Nestle coffee can lid mould.
SINO PK has a project manager team who will follow Nestle coffee can lid mould project from the beginning to the after-sale service. Taking responsibility for every step of the project, customer could bring their comfort to place the Nestle coffee can lid mould order to us. 
 If you intend to start a new Nestle coffee can lid mould project, do no hesitate to contact us.

Send e-mail to or call us on +86-576-81107160.
Contact : Ms.Jessie

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SINO PK has engaed in disinfectant bottle mold manufacturing for many years, has strong design ability and rich tooling facility.Every year, we exported about 200 sets disinfectant bottle mold to world wide countries.
SINO PK ia a famous disinfectant bottle mold supplier,manufacturing disinfectant bottle mold in China.

Please checke below items which are our disinfectant bottle mold specification: 
Mould steel: P20, 718H, Aluminum
Neck finishing ring steel: SKD11 (HRC58-60)

Tooling process:
Usually we will use high precision tooling machine to machining the disinfectant bottle mold, such as Fedia high speed CNC, Mazark boring machine, Sodick EDM,wire cutting machine etc.

Size measuring:
After every tooling process, we will use professional size measuring device to check the disinfectant bottle mold precision.If the disinfectant bottle mold size hasn't reach the requirement, we will return back to tool again. If the tolerance is very big, we will re-prepare the steel and re-tool the disinfectant bottle mold.

After disinfectant bottle mold first testing, we will send the sample to customer for confirmation .If the sample is ok, we will do some mould finishing work and prepare the disinfectant bottle mold shipping work.
Usually, our first sending sample will meet our customer's requirement. The quality control is the vital process during the whole project.
That is why our customer continue placing orders to us and keep cooperate with SINO PK.

We are looking forward to your inquiry ,send e-mail to or call on +86-576+81107160.

Contact: Jessie

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SINO PK is Chinese disposable food box mould maker,famous disposable food box mould factory and professional disposable food box mould company in China,can offer you high quality disposable food box mould manufacturing.

Duo to the high pace of modern lifestyle, people need some new and fast things to satisfy their requirements. In our daily life, we will always need disposable food box to pack food. And disposable food box market is very big, so many plastic product manufacturers are looking for a professional disposable food box mould maker to offer them high quality disposable food box mould to manufacture disposable food box . SINO PK  is a professional disposable food box mould company in China,can offer you high quality disposable food box mould to win the local market ,even the world market.

If you are interested in disposable food box mould ,welcome to contact us.
You could add our sale Skype: sinogroup-jessie or send us e-mial to .


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SINO PK is the most famous shampoo closure mold manufacturer and professional shampoo cap mould maker in China,has engaged in making shampoo cap mould in China over decades,could offer you top quality chinese shampoo cap mould.

Shampoo is one of the essential  products in people's daily life, and its large amount need drive the developement of world plastic packing industry. Manufacturing shampoo cap mould  and shampoo bottle mold is the base in this packing industry. SINO PK know well about the world plastic industry moving trend, keeping develop itself  to be the professional shampoo cap mould manufacturer, shampoo cap mold company ,in order to offer worldwide customer high quality Chinese shampoo cap mould and high quality shampoo closure mold. You could see various,colorful shampoo product in the market, and the most important part is the shampoo cap mould. One high quality shampoo cap mold could produce well-designed shampoo cap,closure which could increase the shampoo product level to win the market.

If you are a commestic product manufacturer, and you are interested in shampoo cap packing mould,please contact us.
Add our sale Skype,ID: sinogroup-jessie, chat on line or send e-mail to to tell us your new design  idea, we could design the shampoo cap mould and making high quality shampoo cap mold for you to win the local or even the  world market.

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Sinomould, famous for highend packaging mould supply offers you one-stop service of liquid packaging lines.
1. PET preform molding 
Stavax S420 stainless steel used to do with cavity and core. Valve gate system design for best material sealing
and precisely control the preform gram weight. With our DKM injection machine, we assure you multi-cavities
mould running with high speed. And the maximum cavity number we have made is 144 cavities. 
2. Blow molding 
Sinomould offers a multitude of services for the production of plastic bottles. 
We can offer many types of Rotary Blow Molding Machines to make various bottles, such as bottles for mineral
water, carbonated drink, juice, milk, tea, edible oil, sauces, detergent, candy, and medicine bottles, etc.
3. Inline filling system
Sinomould offers you not only fully automatic systems for bottling speeds up to 150 containers per 150
containers per minute but also manual and semi automatic equipment for startup and beginner companies.
4. Cap / closure molding 
Fully automatic unscrewing solution for your deep screw. Precision tooling machines make sure the 
precision dimension and best neck fitting with preform. Automatic flip-top cap solution can also be able to
offer you.
5. Capping and labeling 
In addition to the above machines, we also manufacture capping machines, conveyors, labeling machines,
turntables and a host of other equipment required for fully integrated bottle production line
If you have any doubt or comment, please keep me posted.
My regards,
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