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SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

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PET preform mould manufacturer---World Famous PET preform molding expert---SINOPK


SINO-PK is a professional packaging mould manufacturers located in Huangyan, Zhejiang, China.
Its auto-close flip top cap mould, automatic closed cap moulds, auto closing flip top cap mould, is very famous in the world.

With the increase of labor cost, a lot of machinery is attending to be fully automatic. SINO-PK expend many years research automatic closing system, and gains much experience in making in mould closing flip top cap mould. SINO-PK has successfully made 48 cavity toothpaste cap with unscrewing system. It is a big advanced of the in mould automatic closing technical in China.
If you are in the field of making plastic packaging product, you can contact me for discuss the in mould closing flip top cap mould.

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We could offer different neck standard  PET Preform mould, cap mould, various using  flip top cap mould and blow bottle mould at very competitive price.
SINO PK has our own R&D department and we keep developing ourself to rearch more advance mould structure, So welcome send us inquiry, if you are interested in our products.

We have professional project manager to follow up your mould process and give you technical suggestion.
If you gonna purchase mold, PET preform mould or blow mould from China, we are your best choice, come to SINO.


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If you wanna buy fast delivery shampoo flip top mould in China, SINO PK is your best choice. SINO PK in the branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GROUp, we has been manufacturing various shampoo flip top mould for many years.

Many professional mould purchaser may know that Taizhou City is the most famous mould town in China. There are thousands different scale mould companies, SINO PK is the most professional flip top cap mould maker. SINO PK has our own R&D department keeping continuing improving the flip top cap mould structure.

If you are interested in flip top cap mold, come to SINO PK. We will offer you very well flip top molding solution.


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If you are new in bottle cap molding are, and you would like to order bottle cap production line. First of all, you should do analysis of your local market and have some potential customer. Then you may need to look for good supplier who could meet you requirement.

Regarding bottle cap production line, below is what you may need to purchase.
Cap mould
China has many bottle cap mould maker and you may be confused which one to choose. If you are new in this area, you'd better choose a big company which could offer you a fine solution, not only a mould. SINO PK will be your best choice, we not only make bottle cap mould, but also offer our customer production line.
You could communicate with us about the mould cavity numner, we will give you suggestion depend on your production requirement.

Injection molding machine
Machine choosing is based on the bottle cap mould specification, you could choose different tonage according to the mould size. DAKUMAR MACHINERY is one of the branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP, which enegaed in plastic injection molding machine manufacture for ten years. We will choose suitable machine according to the mould and offer you some auxiliary machines as option.

Engineer dispatching and training
We could also send our engineer to your factory to train your staff and help you to do the installation and production.

If you are going to set up a new bottle cap production line and order bottle cap production line from China, come to us, we could offer you very well service.


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Sino Mould is a very professional bottle cap mould maker. We have accumulated much experience in making bottle cap mould and become one of the biggest plastic bottle cap molds making company  in China.

 bottle cap mould    Bottle Cap Mould  bottle cap mould 3

We offer:
♦ Foods and drinks bottle cap mould
♦ 5 gallon drinking water bottle cap mould
♦ Medicine bottle cap mould
♦ Flip top cap mould
♦ Candy bottle cap mould
♦ Shampoo bottle cap mould
♦ Oil bottle cap mould

We make more than 300 sets bottle cap mould every year. If you give us your idea about the cap you want to make, we also can design the mould as your request. We are professional bottle cap moulds maker who offer customers high quality bottle cap mold and service. If you want to establish business relationship with professional bottle cap mould maker. Please feel free to contact me.

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Sino Mould is the biggest plastic PET preform mold making company. Sino is famous for high quality Chinese PET preform molds. Annually we produce over 120 sets high performance plastic PET preform moulds. We supply high quality China plastic PET preform molds to all over world customers.  

  plastic PET perform moldsChina Plastic PET Preform Molds

This is PET preform molds basic information:
▶ Plastic PET preform molds core and cavity steel: S420 (HRC48-52)
▶ Plastic PET preform molds Thread Mouth steel: DIN1.2316, DIN1.2083
▶ Plastic PET preform molds frame steel: DIN1.2311, P20.
▶ Plastic PET preform molds main plastic: PET, PC
▶ Plastic PET preform molds circle time:15-25 s
▶ Plastic PET preform molds guarantee: 5M
▶ Plastic PET preform molds delivery time: 45-50 days
▶ Plastic PET preform molds structure feature: half set interchange, core interchange.

Sino Mould manufacturing  various high quality plastic PET preform molds. If you want more information about plastic PET preform molds. Please browse our website
or contact me.

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SINOPK is a professional plastic packaging mold maker, packaging moulds manufacturing company. You can custom plastic packaging moulds from SINOPK.
SINOPK offers customers:
PET preform molds
We have successfully made 96 cavities of 26g PET preform mould in 2008 and we can make 120 cavities with valve gate system so far. Annually, we made more than 600 sets of various preform mould such like 5 gallon preform mould, wide mouth preform mould.
Cap molds
We are good at making various multi-cavity cap molds, flip top cap, disco cap, toothpaste cover cap… All the caps are designed as standardized as possible for saving the manufacturing cost, shorting the delivery time and convenience for our users' mould maintains...
IML mold
We are professional thin wall high speed injection mould manufacturer and can offer you the high speed in mold labeling solutions.
Testing tube molds. We are working for medical moulds, such like syringes mould, PET testing tube moulds…we have helped many companies build a new factory for syringes manufacturing by offering our injection moulding machines, moulds and oversea installations and training
Blowing molds
We offer full set of molding solution from blowing mold design to mold manufacturing, we also supply customer high performance blowing machine and diamond plastic molding service.
SINOPK always consider customer’s benefit as first. Buy high quality plastic packaging mold from SINOPK is your best choice. We sincerely welcome your enquiry.

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IML packaging mould is very popular recent years. SINO-PK is a professional IML packaging mould solution supplier. You can custom high quality IML packaging mould in SINO-PK.
IML can improve the grade of products, for it has a significantly better appearance than the silkscreen and glued label, and also can appear brighter color. At the same time it can offer better design and word illustration. The label and plastic product form at one time in the molding process and the label becomes as a part of the product, which eliminates the need for a separate labeling process. Therefore, IML technique can save the cost of extra equipments and labor for additional labeling and consequently improve the efficiency and benefit.
Together with our Dakumar injection moulding machine and anole hot runner, we can offer you one turnkey IML system. For example, 120ml round ice cream container with 0.45mm wall thickness, 4 cavities, we can realize 5.3s cycle with side robot delivery and moulded parts picking out, collecting onto the conveyor belt.
SINO-PK is a professional IML packaging moulds supplier, we offer you container lid flat surface IML System, rectangular container side and bottom IML system, round and oval container side IML system. That means you can have packaging mould IML solution from SINO-PK.

IML Packaging Mould
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Custom qualified plastic cap mould, injection cap molding solution from Sino-PK. Sino-PK is a professional cap mould manufacturer, plastic cap molding company.

Sino-PK offers various kinds of plastic cap moulds, such like standard cap mould, oil bidon cap mould, flip top cap, drip cap, candy cap, etc. Because of high precision requirement, cap mould always use S136 and 2316 mould steel. The cap and bottle should be fit very well. We have five professional design departments that help customers design the product and mould according to the samples or customer’s idea. Our brother company Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd and Anole Plastic Molding Technology Co.,Ltd supplies high quality injection molding machine and hot runner system. If you want to custom qualified plastic cap mould project, please send me samples or pictures, we will give you a full set solution.

Custom Qualified Plastic Cap Mold

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SINO PK is very famouse in plastic package mould industry,we have successfully made many PET preform mould, cap mould, flip top mould and other packing mould.

Regarding the PET preform mould, we will make point gate, pin vavle gate etc.
But usually we will use pin valve gate system, it is very popular in current PET preform mould manufacturing.
Because the pin vavle gate will leave a very small gate mark and no more material overflow in the injection process.

Below pictures are the pin vavle gate system basic structure, which are self-explaining.






SINO mould as the most famous PET preform mould company in CHina, has rather rich PET preform mould manufacturing experience. We are also keeping doing PET preform mould technical renovation.

As we know, the common PET preform mould demolding way is use slider and stripper. And the slider is outer slider type, and then use stripper to ejector the PET preform.
This kind of mould structure make the mould size bigger and customer need to use a big machine to meet the mould running.

It is also difficult for some customer who is new in this area to install the PET preform mould. SINO PK keep researching a best PET preform mould structure for our customer which could reduce investment fund. So far, SINO PK has had a success to improve the PET preform mould outer slider structure to inner slider structure. This kind of improved structure could smaller the mould size, so customer just needs a small size machine to run the mould.

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SINO PK is the most reputable PET preform mould manufacturer in Huangyan Taizhou, we are making high transparency PET preform mould for over 20 years.Buy high quality PET preform mould, choosing SINO PK is your best decision.

PET preform opacification solution

Customer who in packing area will know that good PET preform mould could produce high transparency PET preform product. But sometimes PET preform product  is very opacification, which is no longer profitable. Here I'd like to give out some PET preform opacification solution:

Potential reasons:
PET plastic material does not intensive drying
PET plastic material plasticizing is not insufficient
PET preform product thickness is too thick
PET preform mould cooling system is not very good
PET material hasn't been fully melted

Potential solutions:
Fully dry the PET material more than 4 hours
Speed up the machine screw rolling speed, improve machine plasticizing effect
Make the PET preform thickness below 5mm
Choose suitable PET raw material
Improve the mould cooling systen,enhance the cooling line


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