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SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

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custom PET preform moulding solution

SINO PK is one of the most famous mould company in China, we have very rich experience in PET preform moulding area. If you are going to produce PET preform, come to SINO PK to custom PET preform moulding solurion.

Custom PET preform moulding solution, SINO PK is a professional PET preform mould manufacturer, could offer you fast delivery PET preform mould. And our sister company DAKUMAR ( which engaged in high quality PET molding machine for more then ten years,could offer high cost preformance PET injection molding machine.

Come to SINO PK to find your PET preform molding expert.



SINO-PK is a world reference in preform mould design and construction. As a leader of China mould maker, PET preform making company, plastic preform moulds factory, we keen on new preform molding technology research and develop.

SINO-PK supply preform moulding line from product design, mould design, steel machining, mould shipment to after sales service. We have many successfully experience in develop 72 cavity preform moulds. At present, SINO preform research team are working on develop 96 cavity and 144 cavity preform mould. We believe that, it will work out in the near future. If you are intend to invest on multi preform mould, feel free to contact us for enquiry. Preform molding factory SINO-PK will offer you a tailor made solution.


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SINO PK could offer you best quality PET preform mould,our PET preform mould cooling system is well-designed and could help you reduce the cycle time efficiently.
The below picture shows the PET preform mould core side cooling system ,the water come in and out like the arrow shows.
The water come in from the center copper tube and spray down, in this way, the cavity side could be even cooled.

Below picture shows the cavity side cooling system:

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SINO PK is good at molds manufacturs different shape flip top cap mould, such as shampoo bottle flip top cap mould, oil bottle flip top cap mould, and other abnormity flip top cap mould.
Below is one of abnormity flip top cap molds we 've  made before.I attached product design picture, mould parts picture and tested sample pictures for your reference.
These abnormity flip top cap mold has many parts need EDM tooling process and its tooling is very complex.

Below is the mould angle pin pucture:

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SINO PK is specialized in making PET preform molds, plastic cap mould and other package mould in China area. We have exported many high quality package moulds in the past years.

elow is some common problem which will happen in the PET preform mould, and also some solution for PET preform mould.

Problem 1:

Usually, the big problem will happen to the PET preform mould hot runner system.

Sometimes, customer will find that after several months running, material will not come out from the hot tip. Or some cavities could not be fully filled.

If happen this problem, firstly customer should open the mould and check whether there is something stuck in the hot runner that causing the hot sip stuck. To do some cleaning works may solve this problem. If the problem is serious, customer should contact with hot runner supplier.

Problem 2:

PET preform mould screw become loose

We suggest every one week, customer need to check all the mould screw and fasten them regularly.

Problem 3:

Product yellowing

This problem could be solved by adjusting the PET preform mould hot runner temperature. Especially, the hot tip temperature.

Problem 4:

Product opacification

One solution is to dry the PET material and plastic mold material much better.

Another is checking the cooling system, ensure the cooling effect is reach the best.|

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SINO is the first company who offer whole IML robot system to foreign customer. We have our own mould company which engaged in injection mould fabrication for many years. Meanwhile, one of our sister company DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD provide the injection machine and auxiliary equipments, and the robot is offered from our cooperating professional iml molding solution which is located in Italy.

The whole system we offered to customer includes plastic injection mould, injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment (water chiller, auto loader, air compressor, hopper dryer, mixer, crusher etc.), and labeling robot system.

So far, we have succeeded offering ice cream container IML system, chocolate container IML system, 17L.20L paint bucket  IML system and hanger IML system.

Below is the simple introduction for 17L paint bucket IML system: 

Label sample and tested bucket sample

Robot finish picture

IML system tesing

Customer mass production picture

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SINO PACKAGE CO.,LTD belong to SINO HOLDINGS GROUP, is specialized in manufacturing various packaging mould, such as cap mould, flip top cap mould, PET preform mould, blow mould etc.

With the rapid development, now we could offer our customer not only injection mould ,but whole PET bottle molding line.

Our machine company DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO., LTD could offer all above equipments and with thus support, customer could find all the needed in one company.

PET preform molding line includes below equipment:


We have already offered several molding line to our customer, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and Russia.

If you have such order, Sino-PK could offer all what you need. Welcome to send us inquiry e-mail.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


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Sino-PK is the best injection preform mold maker, plastic preform molds supplier, PET preform molds manufacturers, plastic PET injection prerform moulds making company in China.

Sino-PK is a branch company of Sino Holdings Group, who specialized in packaging mould manufacturing. The main product is preform mould. We make various sizes of preform moulds, from 12g to 780g, from 2 cavities to 96 cavities. We make half set interchangeable preform mould and mould core interchangeable preform mould. For most prefrom mould runner type is valve gate hot runner. The cycle time of the prefrom mould is normally 15 seconds to 25 seconds.

If you have preform mould project, please feel free to contact me for further information. Welcome to send your samples or product drawing for enquiry.

Injection Preform Mold Maker

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PET preform standard pandect
SINO PK is one of the branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP, engaged in manufacturiung PET preform mould, cap mould, blow bottle mould and other various pakage mould for over ten years. We have a professional technical team to offer customer best design and durable, high quality plastic mold.

Different country its needed packing bottle standard is different.

Here attached is the PET preform standard pandect:

Neck finish                                                               Preform Height (mm)                               Preform weight (gm)

25mm ROPP (2.8gm)                                                       82                                                                 16

29/21mm Edible Oil (2.7gm)                                            105                                                            21, 24

                                                                                       124                                                         25, 27, 33

28mm PCO 1810 (5.1gm)                                               100.5                                                   19, 21, 24, 26

                                                                                        133                                                      40, 46

                                                                                       153                                                    52.5, 54.5

26.7mm Alaska(3.6gm)                                                   100.5                                                18.5, 20.5 23.5 25.5

29/25mm 3-start (2.4gm)                                                100.5                                                     20

                                                                                        130                                                      33

ROPP 31.5mmx44mm long skirt (6.7gm)                          153                                                      54

38mm Bericap (2-start) (4.15gm)                                      95                                                       28,32

55mm water cooler neck                                                  403                                                      660

55mm 2-start neck                                                             389                                                      690 

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SINO PK is specialized in different kinds of cap molds manufacturers, such as water bottle cap mould, oil bottle cap mould, flip top cap mould , push-pull cap mould etc. SINO PK has own technical department which engaged in advanced cap mould technical researching work.

Below is simple introduction about the topic “what is second ejection cap mould”.

Before the mould opening, the green rod will do the return back first. And the undercut will shrinkage to make the purple part space become bigger. Just because of this shrinkage effect, the purple water seal ring part has more space, and when the stripper start moving, the undercut will not be pulled. 

If you need more detail information about second ejection cap mould structure,welcome to send me e-mail.




SINO PACKAGE MOULD CO.,LTD could offer you different kinds of cap mould, such as water cap mould, oil cap mould, flip top cap mould. We could also offer you cap in-mold automatic lid closing system.

Here I would like to introduce cap in-mold automatic lid closing system.

This cap in-mold automatic lid closing system is widely applied in flip tip cap production, below is cap in-mold automatic lid closing system running sequence:

1.     Mold opens

2.     1stStage ejection happens

3.     Closers come in and close the lid

4.     Closers move back

5.     2ndstage ejection happens ejecting the parts from the cores

6.     Ejectors return

7.     Mold closes

The closer part is made of light aluminum so that to reduce the main mould part load.





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SINO PK is a famous cap mould maker China, we could offer you highly cost effective cap mould. We have engaged in making high technology cap mould for more than 15 years, could offer you best cap molding solution.

Cap submarine gate system mould, could hide the injection gate from the cap top. And customer could print some patterns on the cap. Submarine gate cap its priting looks more beautiful than pin point gate system cap.

The injection system difference is normal cap mould use pin point gate system and the gate located on the center cap top. Submarine gate system, if the cap mould is 24 cavities, usually the mould will use 6 points hot runner system. And one point has 4 submarine branches to control 4 cavities. The injection gate is located on the cao side part, it is not visible. Details please check below picture.