Pet Preform mould

SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

offer PET ,PE blowing bottle mould,PET ,PE blowing bottle mold,PET ,PE blowing bottle mould manufactures in China.


PET preform mould manufacturer---World Famous PET preform molding expert---SINOPK


Sino Packing company, one of the best know packing mould supplier, has many years experience in making packing mould, such as different kinds of cap mould, blowing bottle mould, PET preform mould. As a professional packing mould supplier, we also have a brother company which make the plastic injection machine.

In a word, we can offer clients not only the mould, but also a plastic injection machine. If it is necessary, w also can offer you all sets of PET preform production line ,which including plastic injection machine, air tank, drying system, auto-loader system, freezer system, wet damping system, Color Masterbatch machine.

1.Plastic injection machine:
We have special plastic injection machine for PET material.

2.Assemble machines for PET preform mould.
a.dryer: PET material should be dry before production.
b.Auto-loader: auto-loader should be set in a certain time to control the material quality and reach a certain dry effect. In this way, it is also can save material cost.
c.Freezer: freezer will offer a certain pressure cooling water.
d.wet damping system, Color Masterbatch machine.

If you have any project need PET preform production line,please feel free to contact me.



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How to choose a plastic injection machine? This is a very significant problem for a plastic mould clients.

In my opinion, choosing a plastic injection machine should have several steps as bellow:

1.Choosing the injection machine types according to the product and product material. Plastic injection machine have many different types, such as single color, double color or mix color. We need to choose one according to our clients’requirement. Normally, if the product material is PP\PE\PS\ABS, we will choose normal screw arbor for injection machine. If the products is PET\PC\PMMA\PU\nylon, it will be a special screw for this material.

2.Choosing the injection machine with suitable injection volume and suitable screw diameter according to the product weight and cavity number. If one product is 10g with two cavity, so the product weight is 20g.

3.Choosing suitable clamping force also according to product and product weight. Because when we inject the plastic one, one expansibility force will happen and the machine need a certain clamping force to keep the mould closed.

4.We should consider machine space between tie-bars, max and min mold height, whether they are suitable for the mould dimension. Normally ,mould height should be between min mold weight and max mold height.

5.Clients’ other special requirement.

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We offer high quality anti-theft cap mould, auger-type cap mould, bowknot cap mould, automatic flip, bounce type cap mould and so on.

Sino Mould, one of best known professional cap mould supplier and exporter, have many years experience in making different kinds of cap mould, such as anti-theft cap mould, auger-type cap mould, bowknot cap mould, automatic flip, bounce type cap mould and so on. Every year we export about 500sets of packing mould including 40% plastic injection cap mould , which is fit for mineral water, juice bottle and some food and container not for food.

When we made the cap mould, we should pay more attention to high speed injection molding and high efficient production model. During project design, our engineer will design structure and cooling system from different area. After many times reviewing and scanning, we will give out the final perfect structure design.

When we manufacturing the cap mould, we will choose high harden ,high polished steel for mould core parts and have strict control process not only in mould dimension but also in quality. We also have files for every tooling step and tooling process. And every parts of the mould will have a qualified test report.

If you have any project need package mould, please feel free to contact me.
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SINO PK blow mould adopts the most advanced CAD design software to make the blow mould design.

Meanwhile we use CAM tooling way to tool the bottle blow mould, guarantee the good precision. Regarding the bottle blow mould steel, we adopt stainless magnesium aluminum alloy steel. This steel could make the bottle surface smoother, good shape formed.

And for the bottle blow mould cooling channel design, we have our specialized cooling design which could reduce the bottle formed cycle time and guarantee the mould quality at the same time.

The advantage for adopting magnesium aluminum alloy steel is the aluminum steel has good thermal conductivity. Besides, the mould weight is very light which could increase the mould opening closing speed. In addition, the cooling speed is very fast could improve the bottle quality.




PET preform mold, the key point for a good performance preform mold is the hot runner system.  Our company preforms mold use Anole hot runner system which is SINO-PORTUGUESE JOINT venture, absorb excellent hot runner technology to design best hot runner to meet customer’s requirement.

一、researching ability:
SINO PK Company has a strong researching team could design 96 cavities preform mold, could also custom preform mold according to client’s requirement.

二、Mould character:
     1.Pin valve gate which do not need to cut the gate by labor    

2.Adopt anole brand hot runner system

3.Reasonable cooling system design, improved the mold cooling effect, shorten the mould running cycle time

Material choosing

1.    mould steel we choose Stavax S136 steel from Sweden

2.    Mould base we choose P20 steel, improved the mould anti-corrosion performance, prolong the mould using life.

Perfect size checking

Our company has many precision sizes checking machine to check mold tooling size.

After sale service

Professional after sale service technical people guarantees the best mold running performance. Mould life could reach 3M mould shots and enjoy long maintain service.




PET preform mould innovation

In this year 2013, our company excellent design team has improved the PET preform mould structure which make the mould structure more simple and the tooling be much easir.
1. The PET preform mould neck part design to be two inserts opening type, this type structure could make the mould size to be smaller and no matter the tooling, assembling or maintain will be much convenient.

2. Colling system we design the PET preform mold core cooling chanel to be one middle channel and when the water come to the top, water will be come down like spring. In this way, mould core could be cooled down efficiently.

3. Mould cavity cooling system we design like heliciform, water will go up like climbing the stair, in this way, the PET preform mold cavity could also be cooled very fast.
Using this cooling system, both the PET preform mold core and cavity could be cooled very fasr to reduce the mould running cycle time.


pet bottle preform mould company, making PET bottle preform mould, supply PET bottle preform mould


PET bottle preform mould is one of the most feature mould among so many kinds of plastic moulds.

PET bottle preform mould is the base to produce plastic water bottle, oil bottle , beverage bottle etc.

Before blow the bottle, we need to have PET bottle preform in hand, and put the preform on the blowing machine, then blow out. 

Some customer they do not have the ability to set up a whole line to start PET bottle preform molding line, they usually buy PET bottle preform from other supplers.

Actually, operating PET bottle preform mould is not very difficult. If the operator know the mould structure and its important points, operating the PET bottle preform mould is very easy.||






5 gallon PET preform mold

As we know, 5 gallon PET bottle is used to fill drinking water and deliver to people's home, company, entertainment place etc. 5 gallon PET bottle selling busy season is summer from June to October. Large water factory they have own plastic molding factory to produce 5 gallon PET bottles, small water factory they buy the 5 gallon PET bottles from plastic factory.

But both of them need to buy 5 gallon PET preform mold from mould maker. Usually they buy 5 gallon PET preform from Chinese 5 gallon PET preform mould maker. Our company is good at making different kinds of PET preform mould, 5 gallon PET preform mould , multi cavity water bottle preform mould etc.

If you have any project need to make 5 gallon PET preform mold, please feel free to contact me, thank you.



SINO PK, as a most professional PET preform mould maker, preform mold production line provider, PET preform molding line expert in China, we are always engaged in offering customer high quality PET preform mould and high performance PET injection molding machine.

We have our own PET preform mould ( )and plastic injection molding machine factory ( , ) could offer our customer both PET preform mould and injection moulding machine. As a turn key project expert, we have rich experience in one stop service.

Before the order, we will communicate with customer to learn more about customer's requirement. So that we could adopt the most suitable suggestion for customer.
After the machine and mould has been completed, we will send our after-sale service technical people to customer's factory to help installation and training.

So during every step, we will synchronize the ineformation with customer to let them know the every detail of the order.
if you wanna order PET preform molding solution, we are the expert, we are the best choice for you.



SINO PK as the leader of PET preform mould maker in China, has very strong ability to making  multi cavity PET preform mould.

The maximun cavity number we makr at present is 120 cavities PET preform mould with valve gate system. Advanced hot runner system with German heating elements.


We have our own PET preform mould factory and many professional technical people who has engaged in making PET preform mould for many years.

If you have any new order need to make muti cavity PET preform mould, welcome to contact us for getting more information.



SINO PK is specilized in muti cavity botthe cap mould manufacturing, our company has engaged in making high quality cap mould for many years.

Now we are keen on offering customer bottle cap manufacturing line, offer bottle cap mold production line, and to be bottle cap molding line expert in China. We have our own bottle cap mould factory and plastic injection molding machine factory could offer customer whole production line for cap mould production.

Our designers and multi cavity bottle cap mould maker are all of rich experienced, could offer you a good solution or suggestion for multi cavity bottle cap mould production.
If you need more information about the multi cavity bottle cap mould, welcome contact us.



China thin wall packaging mould is very famous, because of the unbeatable price, good quality and its large quality consume. You can find a lot of thin wall packaging mold factory, thin-wall packing molds maker, thin wall packaging mold supplier in China.

Thin wall packaging is a widely used as food container, it has the feature of low weight, low cost, high efficient, and high effective, etc. It makes thin wall plastic mould industry becomes the hotspot research area. Hot runner injection technology great help to increase the high injection effective, such like easy molding, save plastic, decrease the cycle time, etc. The steel of thin wall packaging mould is S136 made in ASSAB with HRC 48-52. And it would be operating with high speed injection machine. When under the high pressure injection, the mould tooling precision becomes very important. A little gap can cause big flash. So before shipping the mould, thin wall packaging mould should be continuously testing at least 3 hours. As a professional thin wall packaging mould maker, we can offer you a good thin wall packaging moulding solution.

Any interest, pls feel free to contact Ms.Summer from further information.

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