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Thin Wall Packaging Mould

Date:2013-07-06 edit:news102


China thin wall packaging mould is very famous, because of the unbeatable price, good quality and its large quality consume. You can find a lot of thin wall packaging mold factory, thin-wall packing molds maker, thin wall packaging mold supplier in China.

Thin wall packaging is a widely used as food container, it has the feature of low weight, low cost, high efficient, and high effective, etc. It makes thin wall plastic mould industry becomes the hotspot research area. Hot runner injection technology great help to increase the high injection effective, such like easy molding, save plastic, decrease the cycle time, etc. The steel of thin wall packaging mould is S136 made in ASSAB with HRC 48-52. And it would be operating with high speed injection machine. When under the high pressure injection, the mould tooling precision becomes very important. A little gap can cause big flash. So before shipping the mould, thin wall packaging mould should be continuously testing at least 3 hours. As a professional thin wall packaging mould maker, we can offer you a good thin wall packaging moulding solution.

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