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PET preform mold innovation

Date:2013-12-03 edit:admin

PET preform mould innovation

In this year 2013, our company excellent design team has improved the PET preform mould structure which make the mould structure more simple and the tooling be much easir.
1. The PET preform mould neck part design to be two inserts opening type, this type structure could make the mould size to be smaller and no matter the tooling, assembling or maintain will be much convenient.

2. Colling system we design the PET preform mold core cooling chanel to be one middle channel and when the water come to the top, water will be come down like spring. In this way, mould core could be cooled down efficiently.

3. Mould cavity cooling system we design like heliciform, water will go up like climbing the stair, in this way, the PET preform mold cavity could also be cooled very fast.
Using this cooling system, both the PET preform mold core and cavity could be cooled very fasr to reduce the mould running cycle time.


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