Pet Preform mould

SINO-PK is the most famous PET preform mould manufacturers, more than ten years professional PET preform mold supplier in China.

SINO-PK is the most famous plastic PP, PE cap,closure mould manufacturer, has strong design ability and tooling technology.

offer PET ,PE blowing bottle mould,PET ,PE blowing bottle mold,PET ,PE blowing bottle mould manufactures in China.

IML mould

PET preform mould manufacturer---World Famous PET preform molding expert---SINOPK

SINO-PK can offer you the high speed in mold labeling solutions, we are profesional thinwall high speed injection mould. Togather with our Dakumar injection moulding machine company, we can offer you one turnkey IML system. E.g., 120ml round ice cream container with 0.45mm wall thickness, 4 cavities, we can realize 5.3s cycle with side robot delivery and moulded parts picking out, collecting onto the conveyor belt.

IML mould

  • I-M-L Solution Line:
  • Offer Ele,Static charger equipment,I-M-L lable pick up/roller robot,thin wall injection mould,high speed injection machine,product pick up robot transportation line.....
  • I-M-L Mould Application:
  • 1.Food package IML system;
  •    Container lid flat surface IML System;
  •    Rectangular container side & bottom IML system
  •    Round/oval container side IML system;
  • 2.Household product:
  •    Table & chair
  •     Flower pot.
  •    Daily use parts high standard design application of IML system
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